DU get fired up!!!

DU get fired up! DU get fired up! One thing both Coach Barnes and Coach Anderson agree on is the impact of the fans when pursuing a victory this basketball season. In preparation of facing our rival opponent this weekend, Xavier University, each coach will utilize different tactics to prevent a repeat of the previous match up.

With a final score of 66-53, the lady Blue Devils will be focusing on their defense during practice in order to better their chances this Saturday. “While we had more steals and assists we had difficulty scoring and we did not defend as well,” stated Barnes when asked about the defeat.

The ladies will definitely be working hard on defense during practice. According to Barnes there is a particular offensive play ran by Xavier that Barnes would like to pay particular attention to when practicing on defense with the ladies.

According to Barnes All players are at 100 percent and looking forward to defeating the nuggets this time around. Great things are expected from Sandra Nweke as she continues to shine this season with a number one ranking in the conference for offensive rebounds, a number four ranking in the nation for offensive rebounds, and number five in the nation in total rebounds.

“We’re going to take our time and play our brand of basketball,” comments Anderson. Andersons focus remains on getting the Blue Devils back in transition with a concentration on both ends of the court. Anderson stressed that their will be no particular approach to the rival nuggets and that this team will not be treated any differently than the rest. Extremely proud of this young team, Anderson said that the guys are coming together at the right time. In preparation for Saturday, he will be looking for leadership out of Dupree Fletcher, number seven in the division for scoring with a total of 390 points this season, Germain Jordan, and David Manning. “Each of the players are special and bring something to the team, but I will be looking for leadership out of these three guys,” said Anderson.