Kanye reveals plan for new sitcom

The Grammy-award winning producer/rapper Kanye West has just revealed plans of creating a situational comedy series with the cable network, HBO. West has been in the process of developing the show with the sitcom’s producer and director for the past two years. According to www.absolute.pictures.com, “Borat” director, Larry Charles and music producer, Rick Rubin are helping West with his new project.

West’s new series will be a situational comedy half-hour series. “It’s fictional and loosely based on my life,” West told www.allhiphop.com.

Some students think that West can make a transition to television because of his creative abilities and personality. “Kanye is quite the character so I’m sure he’ll be right at home in a comedy,” says Jessica Ingram, a sophomore social work major from Mobile, Ala.

Other students think that West’s first episode would determine if he should continue being involved in television. “Kanye can succeed in television, but if he doesn’t deliver with his first show then it will be catastrophic,” says Jerrard Smith-Hopkins, sophomore chemistry major from Dallas, Texas.

The premiere date is yet to be announced, but people can also expect the new album “Graduation” to be released this fall.