This week top tens

This week’s TOP TEN… What you should NEVER wear to class or to Kearny

10. Pajama pants- we know you probably just woke up to eat breakfast, but don’t let everybody know.9. House shoes/ slippers- If you didn’t know, the reason they put the word “house” in front of the word “shoes” is because they wanted to stress the only place you should wear them.8. Do-rags and Rollers- If you’re mama ever saw you, she would slap you. That’s a clue that it should not be worn in public.7. Oversized pants that show your boxers- you are not in prison, you are at a university. Everybody shouldn’t know that you prefer Hanes to Joe Boxer.6. Super mini shorts and mini skirts- no one should know whether you are or are not wearing underwear when you sit down or bend over. 5. Hot clothes when it’s cold- Everyone at Dillard has either internet or cable and can check to see what the weather will be. 4. Going braless- Bras are your friends. We shouldn’t be able to tell whether you wear an A cup or triple E’s. Please do NOT go ahead and free yourself.3. Low cut shirts- People should think of cleavage is a nature part of your body, not the mountains about to fall out of your shirt.2. See-through clothing (young ladies and young gentlemen)- Self-explanatory.1. NEVER, EVER wear your club outfit to Kearny or Class. That is so NOT professional. The only job you will get in that attire requires a pole or a street corner.