Playstation 3’s are on fire….literally

On November 17, 2006, Sony debuted its highly anticipated Playstation 3 game system to consumers all over the United States. Many eager Americans of all ages stood in long lines outside of electronic retail stores and malls the morning of their release. There were even some chaotic events that occurred in some cities over the system. However, consumers are now beginning to experience substantial problems with the system that they waited so long to receive.

When compared to the also fairly new Xbox 360, which is made by Sony’s rival company Microsoft, there are not many accessories and wide range of games. If fact, consumers cannot even play some games compatible for the Playstation 2 or the original Playstation on their Playstation 3. This problem, however, is not even near close to the worst.

According to, some consumers are now experiencing their systems overheating and either shutting off or freezing up. Therefore, the consumers have to repeatedly reset the game console. Brett Stinger, a sophomore biology major from New Orleans, does not own a Playstation 3, but has a friend who owns one and has played the system numerous times. “When me and my friend play the game, sometimes it does freeze up on us. It gets aggravating sometimes,” Stinger said. ” That’s why I’m glad I bought the 360 (Xbox). It’s way better to me,” he added.

Another major problem with the Playstation 3s is the high-definition problem with blu-ray discs. According to many consumers, the game system plays Blu-ray discs movies in 1080i (interlaced) rather than 1080p or 720p resolution (progressive). This Because of these problems, the stock and demand for the once highly anticipated Playstation 3 has gone down. Sony is aware of these problems and is doing their best to correct them. They claim that an upgraded version will be released in their next batch of systems in March.