Dollar coin makes debut

The U.S. Mint recently released a new dollar coin for people to add to their change collection instead of replacing paper dollar bills. Recent polls that were conducted on the Internet generated mixed reviews concerning replacing the dollar bill with the new dollar coins. If the dollar coin was to replace the dollar bill, it would save the U.S. mint hundreds of dollars in printing costs but the coin was made for collection purposes.

According to, the new $1 coin was released on February 15th and features George Washington on the face of it. The coin will also feature a new president every three months in the order in which they served. According to, the new dollar coins’ designs are different from the previous dollar coins because it will state “$1″ instead of ” One Dollar” on the face of the coin.

The U.S, mint made new changes to allow more space to show all of the presidents faces. The dollar coin has already started attracting people at local banks because of its appearance. “Many people have been coming in asking for the new dollar coins because of the way it looks,” says Dawn Howard, assistant manager at the Harrison Chase Branch.

Some students feel that if the dollar coins replaced dollar bills, it would affect the society in many ways. “I believe that changing the dollar could possibly have an impact on society because it’s something that represents tradition and heritage, ” says Whitney Wallace, a junior philosophy major from Jackson, Miss.

There are also some people that feel that dollar coins are not as comfortable as the paper dollar bill. “Coins can slip out of pockets easily; people can hold on to dollars longer with wallets,” said Ian Martin, a junior business management major from New Orleans, La.

People can start collecting the coins at any bank worldwide by exchanging a paper dollar or any change equivalent to a dollar to get the new dollar coin.