From us to you….

To our DU family,

It brings us great pleasure to be able to be a source of communication between the faculty, staff and students. For the pass year Dillard’s lack of communication has caused so many problems that could have been avoided. As staff members of the Courtbouilliion we feel that we should do our very best to alleviate as many avoidable problems as possible by being the voice for the faculty, staff and of course the students. As students, a community, a family, and a school, we have endured challenges and unforeseen acts over the past month that has tested our faith, hope and trust in each other and ourselves. It is our responsibility as young college students to make sure that we put respect at the top of our list.

Don Imus, a longtime radio host, was recently fired for making a racial and sexual comment about the Rutger’s women’s basketball team. He called them “nappy-headed hos.” For some people this is very offensive. For others it is funny. And some of us just brush the issue off because he wasn’t talking about you in particular. Well, I got news for you… it affects us all. It seems interesting that he got fired for making a comment like that but we say stuff like that all the time. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

We must start treating each other with the utmost respect. If we don’t respect each other then “HOW” do we expect other people to respect us? Words are powerful and they can cause mental and emotional damage. Next time you look into the mirror, look beyond your outer surface and look at that wall in front of you that keeps us from achieving greatness. Nobody can harm us anymore than we have harmed ourselves. Think about it!!