Letter to the Readers

Welcome back students, faculty and staff. And welcome to the Courtbouillon, Volume LXXI. It gives us all great pleasure to be your nearby informant, observer and storyteller as we embark on yet another school year. This year, being the second year on campus after Hurricane Katrina damaged the school severely, is a year that success is expected. It feels as though when you enter the campus, you know exactly what your purpose is.

This year is the year to start things off right. All the administrative offices are actively on campus, all buildings are open and no delays are in progress. And even the Courtbouillon is starting its hard copy version for the first time in the beginning of the school year since Katrina. So far, things are well organized with much hope to stay that way.

Although we’ve endured a long bumpy road, we’re beginning to see our destination as the road is paved and smoothed ahead of us. If we happen to stumble upon any rocks, they will be small enough to easily kick out of the way. With the road that we just traveled, we should, by no means, make a u-turn when it rains.

Dillard University, give yourself a pat on the back. No other school can proudly get up after it has been knocked down a couple of times. Welcome class of 2011, for your experience at Dillard will become a renowned memory. Thank you faculty and staff, you all deserve handprints in the walk of DU fame. Keep pushing Classes of 2008, 2009 & 2010. You are one step closer to one of the biggest accomplishments of your life.

Let’s all make this 2007-2008 school year a year of purpose, process and achievement.


Courtbouillon Staff