Student government works in full effect

They are always in attendance at every major meeting. They represent Dillard from dawn to dusk. They speak on behalf of the student population for rights and wrongs. They are here for a reason. They are the Student Government Association. With one hand full of duties and services and the other full of accountability, the SGA acts as a link between the students and the administration.Located in a small but vivid room in Dent Hall, nine students and their advisor plan next week’s vision of a conscious campus. The SGA’s main focus is to incorporatestudent opinion in all issues relative to student welfare. Within the office of campus life, the association governs all other student-related clubs and organizations. They also oversee all class councils and the executive council- all presidents and vice presidents of organizations. This year, SGA took more steps thanlast year, developing a student senate and increasing its budget. The student senate includes two representatives from each registered campus organization. Student senate meetings are held often and outline participation, communication and compensation among campus life. With hopes of having more involvement and better events, SGA expanded the budget of $50 per student to $100 per student. “We’re the government of the people at Dillard University. It’s our obligationto provide for the welfare of them,” said SGA Vice President, Crispus Gordon.Other new additions of the association include the campus life advisor, Rouseline Emmanuel and a companion to Miss DU, Mister DU. With no time for play, the SGA put in work and helped organize Welcome Week in the beginning of the fall semester. They plan to continue leading upcoming events. Even the royal highness, Miss DU has exciting plans for the remainder of the school year. “Whenever I do my community service projects, I try to make them fun and interesting,” said Veronica Sumner, Miss Dillard University. “That way, [students] will look forward to this and more events.” SGA is currently in the process of organizing homecoming week, which is scheduled for Nov. 11-17. The association also allows students to gain more information for becoming involved with SGA and starting an organization. The SGA office is located in Dent Hall, Room 151. SGA communicates to students on Facebook under DU Events.