Letter to the staff

Dear Courtbouillon Staff,

The Student Government Association appreciates the work of all Courtbouillon staff in their efforts to professionally and accurately document happenings on the campus and in the world.

But, I was disappointed in the article, ‘Student government works in full effect,’ that was published in the last issue of the Courtbouillon. There were several inaccurate statements. The information used in the article was rather bland, and did not reveal anything new about the Association. More thorough research and better gathering of quotes may have contributed to a more insightful look into the organization.

Below, I have corrected some of the inaccuracies in the article:

1. SGA is comprised of eleven students (an additional two officers were added at the end of last year’s election cycle), not nine as stated.

2. Student Senate is not a new development within the SGA. Student Senate has been a standing entity for years. Meetings are once a month.

3. SGA has not increased its budget. During elections last year, students voted to raise the student activity fee to increase the funds that SGA uses to create an exciting campus life. Unfortunately, due to high level administrative miscommunication, this initiative did not happen as planned. Instead, it will be enacted in fall 2008.

4. Ms. Rouseline Emmanuel is not the Campus Life Advisor. In addition to her role as SGA Advisor, her full title is Assistant Dean and Director for the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Development.

5. Additional to the new position of Mr. Dillard University, we have also installed a historian to serve on the executive board.

6. Homecoming Week is November 10-17th, 2007. We have extended the week to include the preceding Saturday when the National Alumni Association and Board of Trustees will be on campus.

I have included all of this to emphasize the very fitting title of your article. SGA is in full effect, affecting policies and relationships, creating activities and developing future leaders. Our dealings on this campus extend beyond what is stated in the article, and surely it would be impossible to cover it all.

I commend your attempt to shine light on our efforts. It would also be expected and welcomed that you research our organization just a bit more thoroughly so that all of the details are correct.

Furthermore, I extend an invitation to be interviewed, emailed or engaged in conversation whenever my schedule allows so that it may be ensured that any article covering SGA will be excellent, and not a shot in the dark.


Ronnell D. Perry