Nissan’s new concept prevents drunk driving

Technology is constantly evolving and Nissan is in the midst of the evolution. The company is now manufacturing a new concept car, the Nissan Fuga Sedan. The Nissan Fuga Sedan will be Nissan’s model of a luxury car which is different from other luxury car manufacturers, such as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Cadillac because it is an anti-drunk driving vehicle. The Fuga Sedan is designed to prevent deadly car crashes caused by driving under the influence of alcohol. The Nissan concept car has alcohol odor sensors that detect the smell of alcohol in the vehicle and shuts down the mobility of the car. A high-sensitivity alcohol odor sensor is built into the transmission shift knob, which is able to detect the presence of alcohol in the sweat of the driver’s palm as he or she attempts to start driving. When the alcohol-level detected is above the pre-determined threshold, the system automatically locks the transmission, immobilizing the car “drunk driving” voice alert is also issued via the car navigation system. The new technology is so advanced that it can determine if the driver is drowsy or driving outside of the appropiate lanes. In an instance where the driver seems drowsy, a seat belt mechanism is activated and tightens around the driver to gain his or her immediate attention. Along with the seat belt, the voice alert is triggered through the navigation system. The Louisiana Higher Education Coalition recently conducted a research study on alcohol and drug consumption among Dillard University students. The survey was intended to reduce the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. Survey results showed that 98 percent of Dillard University students did not use inhalants, 98 percent did not use sedatives, 85 percent did not use marijuana, but 32 percent drove under the influence of alcohol. If Nissan was to target Dillard University students as one of their target audiences, they may get mixed opinions in regards to their new sporty, luxurious, ‘anti-drinking while driving’ car. Justin Ellis, a senior business management major, would not buy the Fuga Sedan because he said it is not proven that it will work. “I like to drink on occasion and let’s say I had a glass of wine; I can’t drive home because my car won’t start.” According to Ellis, although he personally would not buy the Fuga Sedan, it is a strong possibility that it would prevent deaths caused by drunk drivers. Martin Bradford, a mass communications major, said he would not buy the Nissan Fuga Sedan either, but added that the car does have a good purpose. He dislikes the idea that the car will not start if alcohol is detected. “People sometimes have too many drinks but if they do not have a designated driver they have to drive themselves,” said Bradford. “They have to get home some how.” More over, both students said that they drink alcohol during social gatherings or parties and they both have driven a car after they had some alcohol, but never got into an accident. “I know my limit,” said Ellis.