“Must see” movies

American GangsterBased on a true story, the upcoming movie American Gangster depicts a man who was on top of the world. Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington plays the life of Frank Lucas, a known legend who made up to a million dollars a day selling the drug heroin. This hard hitting drama takes place in Harlem as Lucas, a street businessman, reigns over the drug chain with a drug he chose to name “blue magic.” With his unique tactics and hardcore morals and values, Lucas kept his business in order. And if anything was out of order, he made sure it never happened again. As the police tested their will to take down a man of power, Lucas proves the game wrong. Washington plays a true character that set the bar high for American gangsters. American Gangster also stars Academy Award Winners Russell Crowe and Cuba Gooding, Jr. as well as rap artists T.I. and Common. In theatres everywhere Nov. 2.

Saw IVJigsaw is back and ready to play a game. Saw IV hits theaters once again and this time…….it’s a puzzle for viewers. With its twisted and gut-tightening scenes, it’s sure to turn one out of his seat. As it takes off from Saw III, jigsaw leads police and detectives into deadly traps, while trailing ungrateful and careless others along. John Kramer (played by Tobin Bell) remains to haunt and challenge the lives of others in efforts to teach some how to cherish their life. This action-packed thriller gives off a ride of horror. In theatres everywhere.