Letter to the readers,

We came, we saw, we conquered…the 2007 fall semester, at least. With finals just around the corner, we’re getting to the moment where we can finally exhale. Although it’s not the end for a majority of us, it is another chapter we can close in our books of life. We have, for the most part, accomplished more than enough here at Dillard through leadership, scholarship and citizenship. This semester, Dillard was put to the test to maintain an enhanced experience for students, faculty, staff and spectators. With well-organized programs and a more comprehensive flow of things, the university has proved success in many ways. If 2007 was not your intended year, 2008 better be. Instead of sleeping on life, some of us should choose resolutions that will better develop our lives for the future. Join an organization, strive for excellence, organize your priorities or simply get things off your chest for this new year. Don’t go for the same weaknesses you endured during the year 2007. To begin the next chapter just right, we must take what we have before us and grow from it. While there will be no more tests or studying for a particular class, there will be knowledge that we must use to obtain more. The semester may be ending but it’s just another link to achievement and a new beginning. We should not look at this semester and year as if it is over. Instead, we should see another completion that will broaden our lives. So go ahead, end this year with a bang, but keep the new year in mind. Time waits for no one and if we use it wisely, we can make a difference tomorrow.

Sincerely,Your Courtbouillon Staff