SGA election planned for March 9

Dillard’s Student Government Association soon will be getting a lot of new faces.

Nominations for SGA positions for the 2009-10 academic year were accepted Feb. 10 in downstairs Kearny. Many showed up, but only a few were officially approved to run in the election. An attempt to interview SGA President Crispus Gordon III on the number who sought to run and the criteria was unsuccessful.

Election by the student body is slated from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday, March 9, in downstairs Kearny, and all students are encouraged to vote. An induction ceremony is set for Thursday, March 12.

Three students are seeking the position of Miss Dillard 2009-10, and two are vying for the Mr. Dillard designation. Although both are selected by a vote of the student body on March 12, a Mr. and Mrs. Dillard Showcase was to have been held Feb. 18 as the Courtbouillon went to press.

Miss Dillard contestants are Lauren Youngblood, a music and business management junior; Brandy Vincent, a biology and pre-dentistry junior; and Carmelita Foster, a psychology major.
Mr. Dillard competitors include Michael Mcfield, a business management senior, and Marcus McNeil, a junior (major unavailable) .
On the governmental side, three juniors are in the running for SGA president.
They are: Cavalier Sharps, a psychology major; Jasmine Johnson, a public health major; and Cory Falade, a accounting major.
Three students are seeking the vice presidential post: Shaunessy Carr, a sophomore political science major; Anthony Hingle, a junior psychology major; and Brandon Love, a sophomore political science major.
Other positions and the candidates seeking to fill them are:
·        Treasurer: Jasmi Brown, a sophomore accounting major.
·        Secretary: Rubila Smith, a sophomore political science major.
·        Parliamentarian: Ebony Wooderts, a sociology and criminal justice major and Laderica McNairy, a biology pre-med major. Both are sophomores.
·        Chaplain: Linda Ramirez, a secondary English education sophomore, and Andrew Aguillard, a business management junior.
·        Historian: Terrence Moreau, a freshman biology freshman.
·        On- and off-campus representatives: no candidates.
The SGA did not provide specifics on the candidates for elections in each class.
For more information, contact the SGA office at 816-4103.