Council Elections Advance

Elections for two Student Council positions for the 2009-10 academic year will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today in downstairs Kearney, with runoff elections scheduled for next Monday at the same time and place if required.Twenty-one nominations total were accepted last Tuesday, and most of the positions had only one candidate, meaning that person has won the position by acclamation. Some positions, such as vice president of the Sophomore Class and treasurer of the Junior Class, have no candidate. In those cases, according to outgoing Student Government Association President Crispus Gordon, the class president may make appointments.The two positions to be decided today include Junior Class president and Sophomore Class attendant.Dillard rising sophomores, juniors and seniors will vote according to classification. Freshmen council representatives will be selected after incoming freshmen arrive in the fall, according to Rosaline Emmanuel, assistant dean and director of student engagement and leadership.Candidates are listed by class and office.Senior ClassAll Senior Class positions have just one candidate each. They are president, Jasmine Johnson, a public health major of Houston; vice president, Maime Butler, a psychology major from Oakland, Calif.; and off-campus representative, Sabrina Bland, urban studies public policy major of Oakland, Calif.Junior ClassTwo students, both of New Orleans, are seeking the position of Junior Class president. They are Gerald Lee, a music business major, and Chotsoni Mackyenn, a mathematics major.Other officers include: vice president, Jessica Forest, a mass communication/political science major from Houston; secretary, Kandyce Franklin, a mass communication major from New Orleans; parliamentarian, Brandon Oliver, an urban studies major from New Orleans; class attendant, Brandi Clay, a secondary education biology major from Lafayette; first gentleman, Darrius Miller, a biology major from Chicago; on-campus representative, Bianca Spears, a psychology major from Lockport; and off-campus representative, Kristi Coleman, a mass communication major from New Orleans.Sophomore ClassOne position is up for grabs in the Sophomore Class – class attendant. Three students are running: Kelsey Joseph, a nursing major from Vacherie; Casey Dupart of New Orleans; and Arielle Calloway, a mathematics major from California.Class officers without competition include: president, Alora Edwards, a criminal justice/accounting major from Los Angeles; secretary, Brittney Boudreaux, a nursing major from Lafayette; treasurer, Samantha Diggs, a nursing major from Nashville; first gentleman, Juan Serrano, a political science major from Detroit; and on-campus representative, Whitney Boudreaux, a nursing major from Lafayette.