Newly remodeled lounge offers student ‘chill’ spot

Flat-screen televisions, a pool table, table football, couches and a colorfulsetting are some of the comforts of the newly reopened “chill” spot for Dillardstudents in downstairs Kearny Hall.The newly remodeled student hangout, which opened in November, “is aplace to cool down and just relax,” remarked senior Meaquell Lewis. “The newlook is nice, too.”Kearny’s second floor is the cafeteria, but “downstairs Kearny,” as studentscall the lounge area, had been closed since the end of spring 2008 for refurbishing.Now there’s cable television, tables where students can have a bite, study orjust socialize. Freshly painted red, blue, yellow and green walls and new carpetround out the new look.Another change is the connection to the school’s post office. Previously, onehad to walk around the building to enter Kearny in front near the oaks, but nowone can enter through the back of Kearny near Dent Hall.Guylene Nsiewe, a junior transfer student, said she usually doesn’t hang out indownstairs Kearny, but sees a lot of students taking advantage of the spot.”There is always someone here when I pass by; it seems that students are gettinga lot of use from this section of the building.”