Wanted: 10 more volunteers for DU Ambassadors

The DU Ambassadors Programis still looking for 10 dedicatedvolunteer campus tourguides, according to programadviser Rebecca English.English, who notes she wasan ambassador herself while attendingDU in 2001 and 2002,said Dillard has 38 ambassadorsand 28 campus tour guides.Guides offer tours to campusvisitors while ambassadors performother functions as well,including traveling for recruitingand ushering at Christmasparties, fashion shows and otherspecial events. The programstarted in 2000.Students are rewarded with30 service hours each semester.Ambassadors and campustour guides also have a uniformto wear while recruiting. Theywear a royal blue polo shirt withDU Ambassador on the rightand their full name on the left.They are also given a T-shirt towear but khaki bottoms mustbe worn with both.Both volunteer positionscome with 30 service hours eachsemester but no pay or scholarship.Participants simply doit for the love of their school,English said. Tour guides are requiredto speak well and knowthe university well, English said,with an interview being the decidingfactor. Student ambassadorsalso must have a 2.75GPA, be enrolled fulltime andhave three recommendationsEnglish says applicants forcampus tour guide or for anambassador’s position nextschool year may visit her officein Rosenwald or e-mail her atRenglish@dillard.edu. Ambassadorsare recruited at the beginningof each academic year