One issue of Dillard Review due Feb. 1, another gets started

The fall/winter issue of Dillard Review, a Collection of Arts and Letters will be published Feb. 1 featuring work by 17 works of students here, said Dr. Mona Lisa Saloy, program director.


Meanwhile, the deadline for submissions for the spring issue has been set for March 22.


Saloy said the literary journal offers true stories from students’ lives post-Katrina, touching memoirs with humor and art.


Students can email submissions of art, photos, essays, poems, plays, screenplays, jokes, fiction, songs, spoken word and commentaries on life. Work should be sent by email in Microsoft Word (no layouts please) to with the subject line “For the Dillard Review.”


Amanda Emily Smith is editor of Fall 2009/Winter 2010 issue, with Tedrine Glover as art editor. Assistant editors for the issue includes Joslyn Greenard, Kevin Hagan, Katrina Jordan, Megan Perry, Canae White and Roxie Wilson. Hagan has the lead piece of creative non-fiction. Perry’s photo frame the inside cover and back of the journal.


The spring issue has three editors: Greenard, Smith and Perry. The assistant editors are Natrell Batiste, Farah Akbar and Linda Ramirez.


Saloy said Dillard University has been a part of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs since 1995. Through this association, students are able to get hands-on practice writing, layout, design, and production.