18 Questions 1/28/2010

Editor’s Note: The column “18 Questions” is a popular one with many Dillard Students, who may ask questions serious or facetious, insightful or inane. It is named after the year the university was founded, 1869.

1.      Why do DU students pay so much money to attend Dillard but don’t go to class, complain about the work and don’t want to learn?

2.      What works better: Ricola or Hall’s?

3.      What are illuminati? And what does it have to do with Jay-Z?

4.      Why doesn’t Kearny have Cap’n Crunch in the cereal selection?

5.      How much did your textbooks cost this semester? Was it just a ligament or something more like an arm and a leg?

6.      Why are used textbooks just as high as new ones?

7.      Why do we get only about 10 percent of what we paid for books refunded?

8.      Why is the front gate on Cook’s side closed at 6:55 p.m. when it’s supposed to close at 7 p.m.?

9.      Do you know what a hassle it is to walk or drive around to the other side to get out of this school?

10.  Why are there 18 questions with no answers? (See note above.)

11.  What happens to all the money we pay for meals at Kearny? Less than 40 percent of students with a meal plan actually can make it to Kearny in time to eat every meal.

12.  Why don’t they just charge us for what we eat and refund us for what we don’t? Or – at least – extend the service hours?

13.  What is the correct spelling of Dillard’s dining hall: Kearney or Kearny? (The school’s Web site spells it both ways.)

14.  Whatever happened to customer service?

15.  Why must we always wait a month for refunds?

16.  Why we can’t rent textbooks on-campus?

17.  Where are all the teachers? Why do we have to take one teacher for four different classes?

18.  Can we get some reality-based guidelines on when a person with a decal can park on the grass at Dillard? There seems to be a double standard in which some can and some can’t?