Students like Kearny’s new look, but complain card scans holding up lines

The start of spring semester at Dillard has brought changes to Kearny Dining Hall: the return of the card scanning system and a new look.

Yolanda Holland, general manager of Sodexo Campus Services, said the return to scanning a student’s Dillard ID instead of using meal-plan stickers facilitates the process since everything is back to being computerized.

However, some students complained the change has increased the time spent in line.

Chardonaye Stampley, a freshman chemistry major from Houston, said it takes longer to get through the line and into the dining hall.

Jessica Forest, a junior mass communication major from Houston, said she understands the scanning system is a good way to monitor student entry, but she said the lines are too long and there isn’t enough food prepared for students in the serving lines.

Holland said Sodexo plans to add another register to shorten the wait.

As for the renovations, Holland said repainting the facility and installing the new serving area took five weeks, although planning has been under way since last August. In addition to painting, new millwork and signage were added, and the serving area was expanded, Holland said. 

Stampley said she likes Kearny’s new look.

Off-campus students and others also may dine at Kearny. The price is $5.50 for breakfast, $6 for lunch and $6.50 for dinner. Sunday brunch is $7.75.