‘Keep It 100 Week’ includes games, worship, service

A four-man team from the South won gold at the first DU Olympics on March 10 in Dent Hall,   part of the Collegiate 100’s “Keep It 100 Week.”

Meanwhile, newly inducted members of the Collegiate 100 beat veteran members in a “New vs. Old” game March 9 at lower Kearny.

The Collegiate Week also included Men’s Day chapel service in Lawless Memorial Chapel on March 8, “Cater To You Monday” on March 9, a Women’s Appreciation program March 12 and a picnic at Audubon Park

For the DU Olympics, eight teams competed in five different games, including jump rope, dodge ball and relays and sack races through two double elimination rounds plus the championship round. 

The team that won the gold included Autrail Manning of Algiers; Darnell Williams and Jarrod Little, both of New Orleans; and Oscar Moore of Atlanta.

Silver medalists included Bridget Sisney, Kia Hill, Cornice Wingate, Wanda Burkes and Jerry Thompson. Leroy Scott, William Holmes, Anthony Hingle and Kirk Roche won the bronze.

In the “New vs. Old” game March 9, the two sides competed in a dance-off to “All the Way Turned Up” by Travis Porter; a trivia game including African American history, American history and science; “R&Beef” from Nick Cannon’s cable show “Wild ‘n Out”; and a “Fear Factor”-style game where one player from each team had to race to drink a milk shake with McDonald’s food inside.

The winning team included new members Mikcal Todd,  Jhory Buskey, Charlie Coleman, Christopher Neal and Andrew Webber, all from Mobile, Ala.; Charles Battles, Baton Rouge; De’Juan Ellsworth and Bradley Wilson, both of New Orleans; Dorian Webster Jr., Garland, Texas; Jerome Bailey Jr., Houston; Lawrence Young Jr., Atlanta; and Duane Green, Chicago.

 (Jeannine Cannon and Larry Williams contributed to this report.)