Library blames malfunctions, patrons for printer paper shortage

Halfway through the spring semester, the allotment of copy paper for printers at the Will W. Alexander Library has been depleted.


Cynthia Charles, interim library dean, blamed the problem on defective printers and misuse of printing privileges by both Dillard students and alumni.


Alexander Library has more than 60 computer work stations, and Latkisla Bernard, circulation administrative assistant and the person responsible for tracking the library’s paper supply, said paper usage at Alexander is at an “all-time high.” She said the library began the semester with 170 reams of paper, was provided another 50 reams by Dr. David Taylor, the provost, and then ordered another 10 reams.


Charles said the library is having a problem with printers incorrectly reading commands and printing more pages than students request. She said she is trying to get the printer problem fixed.


Charles also said students tend to overprint Internet information, class assignments and frivolous information that is trashed as soon as it is printed.


However, Bernard said alumni are as much to blame for the shortage as students, citing one alum who printed more than 200 copies of a flier promoting her mother’s fish fry fund-raiser.


The current paper shortage appears to be confined to the library. Each division maintains its own budgets for supplies, and Zena Ezeb, office administrator for the Humanities Division, said she strictly controls paper usage in light of Dillard’s desire to “go green.” She said Humanities starts every semester with 200 reams and re-orders when the reserve falls to below 20 reams.


Dianna Holiday-Woods, the office administrator for Student Support Services, said her office has not experienced a paper shortage but has loaned paper to other departments periodically.


Charles said library users must help, noting, “Paper waste eats into the library budget.” She asked all users to work together and avoid unnecessary waste when printing.