Pledge idea slow to take off

A speech by Dillard University President Marvalene Hughes has inspired the creation of the Dillard University Pledge.

The idea may be slow to take off, however. While the public relations office sent out the pledge to faculty members last month that suggesting it be posted on office doors, a sweep of campus buildings found none.

Hughes said the pledge is derived from her closing remarks to faculty on Feb. 22 in which she discussed the university’s promise to students to “exceed all expectations.” Hughes said the comments were recast as a pledge after several attendees asked her to copy the statement for use in interacting with students.

The pledge, as sent to faculty by Mona Duffel-Jones, senior director of communications and marketing, says:

Dillard is all about students.  We will strive to reach the point with each and every student where we exceed her/his expectations in:

·        Quality education

·        Outstanding and responsive service delivery to students

·        Total human care to assure that Dillard is the best place for all students.”

Hughes said, “It is my firm belief that we are all here to serve our students, facilitate their learning and project how deeply we care about their well-being. I hope the pledge is a genuine indication of our support and appreciation for students.”