Student population up 17% in two years

NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 4, 2012) – Dillard’s student population this fall increased 4.6 percent over fall 2012, to 1,307 students, up from 1,249, according to preliminary 14-day census data.

When compared to fall 2010, when 1,118 were enrolled, the population has increased nearly 17 percent over the past two years.

New students comprise more than a third of the total – at 448 – with 351 new freshmen among them, along with transfers and re-entry students, according to Dr. Willie Kirkland, director of Institutional Advancement. More than a third of the students (35.7 percent) are freshmen, with new and continuing freshmen totaling 466.

Dr. Alecia Cyprian, assistant vice president for Enrollment Management, cautioned that the numbers are subject to change once the official census report is released by the Office of Institutional Research. She did respond when asked what the new student goal was or whether it had been met.

Cyprian said some 63 students, or 14.1 percent of new students, are transfers.

Kirkland said sophomores represent 27.1 percent of the student body; juniors, 205 (15.7 percent); and seniors, 193 (14.8 percent).

The geographic profile of the Dillard student is much the same as it has been since Hurricane Katrina. Nearly two-thirds of students, 846, are from Louisiana, many of them from the New Orleans area, according to Cyprian. Out-of-state students mostly come from three states: California, with 144 students, or 11 percent; Texas, 83 students, or 6.4 percent; and Illinois, 63 students, or 4.8 percent.

Only 12 students – less than 1 percent – are from other countries.

As always, nursing tops the majors with a total of 350, or 26.8 percent of the population, enrolled in pre-nursing (256) and nursing (80). The next top five majors after nursing are biology, 141 majors; mass communication, 93; sociology, 90; psychology, 89; and public health, 80.