Vote now through mid-October for new mascot design

NEW ORLEANS (Oct. 3, 2013) The Athletic Department is enlisting the DU community to make the final decision on one of three submissions for a new Bleu Devil mascot design, the first in several years, which will be unveiled during Bleu Devil Classic 2014, according to Athletic Director Kiki Baker Barnes.

Barnes said at presstime that one submission came from a student and two from alumni, but she would not release additional information.

Dillard students, faculty, alumni and friends may vote for the final design of the updated Dillard Bleu Devil mascot through mid-October. Voting is being held on Dillard’s Athletics website

Barnes, who came up with the idea to update the Bleu Devil design, said that when she looked back through the years, each decade had its own different Bleu Devil design, and it’s time for a 21st century version. Barnes said the new mascot design will help rebrand the athletic department and make it unique compared to the rest of the country.

Submissions for the design were accepted from Aug. 15 through an extended deadline of Sept. 30. Entries had to include a 250-word essay explaining why the design should represent Dillard. The next stage will be a blind review by the Mascot Competition Committee, which includes representatives from the offices of the president, senior vice president for student services, communications, alumni, athletics and student life to select the top contenders.

Barnes did not disclose the committee members’ names.

Once a decision has been made on the design, a company will be selected to manufacture the physical mascot costume. According to Barnes, the expected cost of the physical mascot will be $500.

A cutoff date to vote for the final design has not been announced.