18 Questions

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 10, 2016)
Editor’s note:  The following questions were compiled by Destinee Ross from offerings of various students recently. If you have a question, tweet it to @CourtbouillonDU.

  1. Can the wi-fi be fixed?
  2. Why are some buildings so cold?
  3. Why does it cost to print in the library?
  4. How do you join the radio station?
  5. Why do parking decals cost so much?
  6. How do you properly pull out of a contract?
  7. Do you have to go through the Student Activities Board to plan an event?
  8. Why don’t we have more events after Welcome Week?
  9. How do you start a club?
  10. How do you become a student leader?
  11. Why is it $40 to get a new ID card?
  12. Why doesn’t everyone get book vouchers?
  13. Why is the greenhouse not in use?
  14. Why is the food in The Grill so high?
  15. Can companies donate to the clothes closet?
  16. Why is the grass not completely green?
  17. Is there really a 10-minute policy for late professors?
  18. Why aren’t more minors offered?