No parking? It’s not so, says Bullard

NEW ORLEANS (March 10, 2017) – If all the faculty, staff and students with decals were parked on campus at the same time, slightly more than 20 percent of parking spaces would be empty.

 Therefore, the problem appears to remain the location and convenience of the spaces rather than available space.

 That’s the word from Dr. Roland Bullard, vice president for Student Success, who said 566 parking spaces are available on campus and slightly less than 450 parking decals are in effect, representing 79.5 percent of the available space.

 Bullard said that doesn’t include spaces used by campus shuttles nor the space behind the tennis courts, which is often out of service because of construction.

 Even so, additional spaces have been opened for students in front of the Student Union.

 Bullard said he had no problem with the change requested by Student Government Association officials that anyone with a parking decal should be able to park in front of the union without being ticketed.

 Bullard said he and his team made an assessment of parking spaces over the Christmas break because students have continued to complain that there are too few parking spaces available. Much of the student parking lies between the tennis courts and the bookstore, along with across from the library and near Gentilly Gardens.

 (Alyssa Labat contributed to this report.)