18 Questions April 13, 2017

NEW ORLEANS (April 13, 2017) – Editor’s note: The column “18 Questions,” collected by Alyssa Labat, is a popular one with many Dillard students, who may ask questions serious or facetious, insightful or inane. It is named after the year the university was founded, 1869.

  1. Who will be the guest speaker at graduation this year?
  2. Will new workout equipment be added to the gym?
  3. Should classes be canceled for severe rain?
  4. How long does caterpillar season last?
  5. Why can’t family and friends send money to your DU dollars?
  6. Why isn’t the art gallery in Cook Hall always open for students?
  7. Should a safe-sex education class be offered for students?
  8. Why does this campus have so many speed bumps?
  9. Why do teachers and staff pay more for parking decals than students?
  10. Who designs the merchandise at the bookstore?
  11. Are students allowed sell their own products and merchandise at the bookstore?
  12. Why doesn’t Dillard host more parties on campus?
  13. Why aren’t more summer classes being offered?
  14. Why did Dillard decide to have a spring line?
  15. How do you start your own club?
  16. When will students be able to pick where they want to live for the next school semester?
  17. Will more work-study positions be available next school year?
  18. How do you properly challenge a grade?