Will DUALS ever reopen? Maybe

NEW ORLEANS (April 13, 2017) – Dillard officials have been having a “conversation” about whether the DUALS apartment complex off-campus should be reopened, according to Dr. Roland Bullard, vice president of student success, but no deadline on a decision has been set.

Dillard has not yet renewed a contract with Southern University New Orleans for the 2017-18 school year, Bullard said.

The DUALS complex, which could accommodate about 85 students, has been closed for about three years. Having about 70 DU students being shuttled to living space on SUNO’s campus this year revived the idea of reopening the DUALS for availability as enrollment increases, Bullard said.

Renovation costs are one issue, he said, but “anytime we can have students staying with us, it’s going to be more beneficial.”

For now, Bullard said students need to sign up for housing when the portal opens since current students get first priority for housing. What students shouldn’t do is wait; that leads to being placed at SUNO.

(Destinee Ross contributed to this report.)