Career software new for DU

When students graduate from college, employers expect them to have some type of work experience, but some of us are missing out on opportunities because we don’t know about the help that’s now available from DU’s career services.

On a day-to-day basis, we may have noticed emails from the Center for Career and Professional Development. Students aren’t being engaged to find out what type of internships would be a great fit for them. Yes, it takes the initiative of the student to invest in themselves, but students sometimes need a nudge in the right direction. Sending out an email is not enough in order to help students find their passion and the right training in order to pursue that passion.

That’s why Clayton Shelvin, assistant director, and his office are working to bridge the gap. His office, led by Director Carretta Cooke, recently held an Open House to introduce the Bleu Pride Guide, an interactive way for students to find out about internship opportunities, jobs and the center. Students can use the software, powered by GradLeaders, to upload resumes (and get feedback on them), apply for internships and jobs and to register for career services events.

Shelvin said the office also is working closely with local and national employers to create more opportunities for students: “On Tuesday and Thursdays, we have created opportunities for employers who are interested in our students to recruit on-campus either in Kearny or the Student Union.”

These new efforts to improve our university are going to have a huge impact in preparing students for the real world. It helps to ease my own worries that I won’t be ready when I graduate. Knowing I can walk over to the Student Union to have my questions answered and be given the opportunity to get involved is a relief.

To register and start using Bleu Pride Guide, go

Kayla Vann

Mass Communication


Little Rock, Ark.