Promoting safety at DU

Student concerns about safety on campus and past incidents are making Dillard slowly, but surely working to create a safer environment.

LaToya Lewis, residential coordinator of Camphor and Straight Halls, said Residential Life has made some changes to ensure that non-students are not trespassing in the dorms. For example, she said, the doors with the fire alarm must remain unlocked in case of an emergency, and the doors that don’t have cameras are locked at all times, and nobody can use their key card to swipe through.

She added that camera footage is reviewed once a week, daily rounds are made 24/7 by work-study and overnight staff. She noted that two campus police officers drive around campus and two others walk the campus every 15 to 20 minutes.

That’s good news to Jayln Smith and her roommate, who in spring 2016 had their personal laptops and televisions stolen while they were not in their apartment by two males who apparently weren’t enrolled here. Not only did the students have to pay to replace the items themselves, but the robbery made them question their safety.

Smith said, “I was upset at the time because I felt as if my safety was in jeopardy. When I gave my statement about possible connections, I wasn’t being taken seriously.”

Now, Smith said, “While checking school IDs and driver’s licenses is a small first step, I do appreciate that they are putting more effort into keeping us safe.”

Hadiya Smith

Mass Communication


San Francisco