Kearny staff the best product offered in dining hall

Dillard University’s dining hall may not always have the best food, but the variety of food choices and compassionate staff members make up for the lack of fine cuisine.

Students often complain about the quality of food in Kearny dining hall. For example, sophomore Austin Thomas, a business sophomore from Marietta, Ga., called the food in Kearny Dining Hall “subpar,” but added the quality is up to about an 8 out of 10, compared to last year, when he said it was a 6 to 7.5.

The upside to Kearny is the variety of food options. Kearny offers a pasta line, burger line, pizza line, a salad bar, a sandwich bar, a main entrée and even a vegan section. If one option doesn’t suit your appetite, there are plenty others from which to choose.

Even so, some students feel Kearny’s offerings are too predictable. Senior Aldon Harvey, a Public Health senior from New Orleans, suggesting switching “the style up” by changing the pizza types, for example.

One thing that few might disagree with is the pride that the employees take in their work and the kindness they show. They greet us with a smile and make an effort to get to know students by name and on a personal level.

For example, one of the first people you see as you enter the dining hall is Bridget Jackson, a Sodexo cashier and line server.

Jackson said, “I treat a person how I would like to be treated, with respect and kindness. We try to make y’all feel comfortable, as if y’all are at home. We try to get to know y’all because y’all are here for at least four years.”

Thomas said, “I love the staff. [They’re] engaging and funny, and they make going to Kearny enjoyable. We build relationships with them; they’ve become like family.”

The food in Kearny dining hall may not always be to students’ liking, but the variety of options to choose from and the kind-hearted staff makes up for it. And Jackson reminded students to fill out the available comment cards so the Sodexo management can know what’s on their minds.

India Walton

Mass Communication


McKinney, Texas