Difference between DU Dollars, Bleu Devil Dollars explained

NEW ORLEANS (November 29, 2017) – Misconceptions about the difference between DU Dollars and Bleu Devil Dollars may be the root of student concerns about rollovers from semester to semester, according to Michelle Mathew, auxiliary services manager.

It’s not uncommon to hear complaints such as that of Ali McBride, a junior Mass Communication major from Lafayette: “It’s honestly just really annoying,” she said. “I ended the last semester with 30 DU Dollars on my ID, but when I came back the next semester, they were wiped away.

But Mathew said the problem is DU Dollars don’t rollover; only Bleu Devil Dollars do.

 “DU Dollars don’t roll over because it’s basically a point system, not actual money,” said Mathew. “DU Dollars are in addition to a meal plan. Once a student pays for a meal plan, Dillard just adds DU Dollars to it.”

DU Dollars are linked to a student’s meal plan, with the DU Dollars a student receives dependent on the meal plan chosen by the student. Additional DU Dollars may not be purchased.

On the other hand, Mathew explained, Bleu Devil Dollars can be purchased by commuter students, residential students, faculty and staff. The Bleu Devil Dollars are good for one academic year and roll over from fall to spring.

Part of the confusion is that both may be used in the same places, including Grill 155, “Simply to Go” in the library and Student Union; and at concession stands during any event held in Dent.

Other local colleges have similar systems. For example, Tulane University has Wavebuck$, which comes with meal plans and can be spent at any Tulane retail location. Unlike DU Dollars, however, Wavebucks$ also can be purchased, so they roll over.

At Xavier University of Louisiana, the point system is called Nuggets and operates like DU Dollars.