No boost seen in number of DU parking decals

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 29, 2017) – Reduced parking fees because of parking limited by construction has not increased the number of decals purchases, according to Janel E. Green, vice president of Business and Finance.

Green said the number of decals sold to faculty, staff and students are roughly the same as last year. This year, 240 decals were sold to students this year, and 219 decals were sold to faculty and staff combined, said Green.

The campus was notified Sept. 14 that parking fees were being reduced by half for the 2017-18 school year, meaning faculty and staff paid $100; parttime faculty, $50; and students, $50.  

Green said, “The university considered several factors regarding parking, including discounting the fee.  After getting a better sense of the actual impact the [drainage] construction had on parking and listening to the campus community, we decided to pull the trigger on the fee discount. 

“In addition, we moved forward with constructing a temporary parking lot” near Cook.      

Counting each individual spot, this construction has affected at least 15 parking spots that cause a rising need for parking, but with the temporary parking lot it makes up for the 15 lost spots and also adds on 25 more spots as well.

(Zaari Moore contributed to this report.)