Check out commuter room

NEW ORLEANS (Sept 27, 2018) – Commuters often feel left out on Dillard’s campus because many of them simply go home after they complete their schedule every day. Given that 41 percent of the student body is made of commuters, according to, the question is often raised about where students can go between classes or after classes are over.

What many commuters don’t realize – and I just learned myself – is that there is a very nice commuter lounge on the third floor of the Student Union. It used to be a sparse room on the second floor with seating and tables, but now it is decorated with Pac-Man and other arcade-game decals, and it is supplemented by a Wii gaming system, a flat-screen TV, air hockey and other options.

Unfortunately, many commuting students are not aware of the lounge and some of those who know about it complained that the distance between the union and their main classroom building discourages them from using it.

Megan Byas, a student engagement coordinator, said the Dillard Activities Board, or DAB,  is working on more outreach techniques to have the lounge become more equipped for commuter students and is seeking better ways to inform them of the improvements with the use of social media.

Byas stressed that DAB is open to suggestions to improve events and the hours of operation. Right now, the lounge is open on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but she said her office is willing to adjust the schedule.

Some of the events being considered, according to Byas, are a “welcome back” commuters night, Madden or 2k gaming tournaments and movie nights.

Jamari Lee
Mass Communication
New Orleans