DU emails offer opportunities but lots of clutter

NEW ORLEANS (Sept 27, 2018) – Students miss out on opportunities by not checking their Dillard emails. Establishing constant access is crucial, but administrators also need to consider simplifying student-faculty communication and cleaning up the clutter of so many emails.

Emails flood in from a lot of different departments bearing a lot of different opportunities. For example, the Rev. Earnest Salsberry, coordinator of community service sends out, at minimum, two to three community service emails a month.

“Students need access to their emails at all times,” he said, noting that students not only miss out community service options, but also on United Methodist scholarship opportunities offered because of the school’s affiliation.

Latoya Lewis, area coordinator of residential life, said she is amazed at how many people don’t know how to use DU email or don’t have access because they don’t have their account set up.

“I’m quick to refer someone to the online help desk. Anything you need, I’d recommend going there first,” she said. “If students don’t have their emails set up, then that causes problems.”

Lewis said she sends out campus-wide and individual emails concerning housing and then has to deal with the parents of students who don’t read them. She said that in most cases, the students don’t have access to their emails.

Students on campus see it differently. For example, Heaven Boudy, an Atlanta sophomore, said she checks her email two to three times a day. She added that checking her email has gotten her opportunities such as an internship with the New Orleans Museum of Art.

And although she’s diligent about checking her email, she said Dillard offices send too many emails, many of them about the same event, making it annoying to access.

Nicholas Ross
Mass Communication
North Little Rock, Ark.