Rappers Nicki Minaj, Cardi B have beef

NEW ORLEANS (Sept 27, 2018) – Rappers Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have been going through an extremely publicized “beef” recently, and it’s a shame to see two successful black women going after each other in public this way.

The issues allegedly started when both artists were featured on the song “Motorsport” by popular rap trio Migos, one of whom is Cardi B’s husband. Nicki was not available for one of the days that Migos and Cardi B were scheduled to film the music video for this song, so the video doesn’t have a shot of all five of the rappers.

 Cardi B began to insinuate in interviews that Nicki didn’t film on that day because she didn’t want to be around Cardi B. It was downhill after that.

Nicki Minaj would soon go on to give an interview of her own, and, of course, she was questioned about her alleged issues with Cardi B. Nicki gave her explanation, and later that day on Twitter, she released different text messages and audio recordings that confirmed that what she was saying was true.

She added she wasn’t necessarily angry at Cardi B or the Migos for lying, but she was just hurt they wanted to encourage drama between two very successful, talented women.

Nicki said she also was hurt because she felt she paved the way for Cardi to be successful and taken seriously, and she hasn’t been thanked. Cardi B and Nicki Minaj saw each other a few days later at the year’s annual Met Gala and supposedly settled their differences. Pictures show them hugging and laughing. It seemed their issues were over.

After a few months of both women keeping quiet on the situation, things fell apart again in early September during New York Fashion Week. Cardi B allegedly heard Nicki Minaj called her newborn baby, Kulture, ugly. Nicki denied this accusation wholeheartedly.

However, things got physical at an after-party during New York Fashion Week. Cardi B was filmed throwing her shoe at Nicki and proceeding to run toward her as if she was going to punch her. Cardi’s bodyguards held her back, and Nicki stayed behind her security, so she was never touched. Some report said Nicki’s friends attempted to fight Cardi, but there’s no proof.

Cardi later went on a social media rant accusing Nicki of trying to sabotage her career.

Nicki responded on her Apple Music radio show a few days later, saying Cardi B’s accusations were false and accused Cardi of being colorist and provided evidence to support her accusations. Cardi B has yet to respond.

Throughout this entire situation, it seems Cardi B has been trying to damage Nicki Minaj’s reputation. Could she be seeking publicity? Unfortunately, the situation sheds a negative light on her despite her talent.

Nicki Minaj seems to be the victim, because every time Cardi B accuses her of something, Nicki refutes it with facts.

Unless Cardi B’s manager and public relations team step in soon, this could damage Cardi’s career permanently.