We can speed clearance

NEW ORLEANS (Sept 27, 2018) – You might be under the misconception that freshmen get priority during the clearance process. After doing research, I learned that we have roughly eight months to receive clearance while new students have about three. The problem is that we have to use the time wisely, starting with the FAFSA application and then pre-registration for classes.

Monica White, director of recruitment, admissions and programming, said freshmen have to be cleared in three months by six offices: admissions, health and wellness, financial aid, business and finance, the University College and Residential Life. In contrast, she said, returning students have more time and fewer areas to cover.

David Page, vice president of enrollment management, said a recurring problem for student clearance is financial aid. Each student must complete their FAFSA application to receive financial aid.

Since FAFSA opens the application period on Oct. 1, Page said, “There is no reason why a currently enrolled student should not have their FAFSA completed by Dec 1 every year at any school in America, including Dillard University.”

Registering for classes also plays a large role in the clearance process for returning students. Anitra Johnson, business and finance student accounts counselor, explained that the earlier a student registers for classes, the faster the student knows their financial obligations.

Therefore, the student can plan to pay their account’s balance. (University College creates schedules for freshmen.)

Now that we are armed with this information, it’s up to us to make life (and clearance) easier by filling out the FAFSA application, preregistering for classes and applying for on-campus housing early. Advising for spring preregistration will begin Oct. 15. Let’s get on it.

Cheryl Daniel
Mass Communication
Oklahoma City, Okla.