18 Questions Sept. 27, 2018

Editor’s note: The following questions were compiled by Kaylin McGlothen from offerings of various students recently.

  1. Why do students have to buy parking decals with construction going on?
  2. Why don’t we have cameras in the parking lots?
  3. Will the OBC grill provide seating?
  4. When will the bowling alley be “operational”?
  5. Why is the only handicap exit to Williams locked?
  6. Is the greenhouse usable? 
  7. Why doesn’t Dillard accept GPA points from outside universities?
  8. Why can’t Dillard create a book stipend application?
  9. Why do we have to pay $10 for a single transcript?
  10. Are students only friends with people within their majors?
  11. Why do we have to buy Scantrons?
  12. Why is physical education a requirement in college?
  13. How many organizations (Greek and non-Greek) are offered on campus?
  14. Are the dorms actually safe to live in?
  15. Should tuition be raised to improve student living conditions?
  16. How strictly is security enforced?
  17. Why are community service hours required?
  18. Are mentors accessible on campus?