Basketball only active fall intramural sport

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 2, 2018) – Active intramural sports have dropped from three to one – basketball – from last fall to this fall semester.

Intramural basketball is set to start up this month, and a softball team may be added, depending on interest, according to Courtland James, the new assistant director for programming and recreation, who replaced Perry Brown.

James said student interest and leadership will determine which programs are developed.

The online form for colleges’ intramural leagues shows Dillard University registered for coed volleyball, 5-on-5 flag football, coed softball, 7-on-7 coed kickball, basketball and a bowling league. However, only flag football, coed softball, and basketball were active last year and two never faced competition.

From some students’ perspective, the lack of ability to compete against other schools diminishes interest. For example, students who were a part of the coed softball team in the spring were disappointed when they found out they would not compete against other institutions, making practices, in their eyes, a a waste of time.

Neisinia Mafi, a chemistry sophomore from Oakland, Calif., said she purchased softball gear for tournaments that never happened.

“I feel as if I wasted my energy and money. I loved softball in high school, and the practices showed we had a promising team. I was disappointed when I heard the news of us not competing against other teams.”   

Regarding travel for the intramural basketball, James said he was in conversation with other New Orleans schools, “but in terms of outside the New Orleans area, I am uncertain.”

 He added that since he is new to Dillard, he is “relying heavily on my interns as well as students to give me back information in terms of what has been done in previous years to help me get an understanding. This will help me direct the future.”