Faculty/Staff 18 Questions

Editor’s note: The following questions were compiled by Kaylin McGlothen from faculty and staff entries. If you have a question, tweet it to @CourtbouillonDU.

  1. Can something be done with the duck pond near the Student Union? It seems like a fine place for a meditation garden.
  2. What about creating additional parking space on campus?
  3. Why do students who smoke weed think it’s OK to come to class smelling like a marijuana factory?
  4. What’s happening with the dress code — guys walking around showing their drawers and behind and ladies wearing Daisy Duke shorts showing butt cheeks? So inappropriate!
  5. Can we get some transparency on the burned-car incident?
  6. Why are the sidewalks dirty and covered with trash and debris from the trees?
  7. Why are trash cans around the Avenue of the Oaks always filthy?
  8. Would DUPD please enforce parking regulations, especially for handicap spots?
  9. Would students please learn to properly greet you when they walk into your office?
  10. Have students started their 2019-2020 FAFSA applications?
  11. Have students considered receiving academic assistance from Student Support Services Center in Dent Hall?
  12. Have students visited the Center for Career & Professional Development to learn about services offered to aid their professional growth?
  13. How many seniors have housing arrangements set up post-graduation?
  14. Would students consider writing heartfelt letters of appreciation to their parents/loved ones?
  15. In what ways do students, faculty and staff encourage others on campus to positively affect morale?
  16. Why do we have to enter Kearny from odd side-entry doors?  Doesn’t it seem like grand doors should in the front?
  17. Whom should we thank for improved maintenance of the sidewalk area outside the Warrington gate?
  18. Why do students run to social media about their complaints rather than the appropriate departments?