Hostility greets liberal-turned-conservative Owens

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 2, 2018) – Conservative commentator Candace Owens met with a hostile reaction Oct. 8 when she tried to explain about her “coming out conservative” during a Brain Food appearance.

Owens, 29, is director of communications for the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA, described as a youth organization with 350 chapters that promotes fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited government. It was created in 2012 by conservative activist Charlie Kirk, but Owens was named to her position shortly after President Donald Trump’s election.

Up to about seven months before then, Owens had founded and run the website Degree 180, which frequently bashed Trump and conservatives. For example, she called the Tea Party “bat-shit-crazy” in one blog and mocked Trump’s penis size in another.

Now, she’s known for her pro-Trump commentary: She called Black Lives Matter protesters “a bunch of whiny toddlers,” has rejected climate change and called both the MeToo movement and concern over the rise of white nationalism “stupid.”

During her appearance at Dillard, she compared being a black, conservative woman to being gay as she described telling people about her views as “coming out conservative.” She said it was hard, but she stands confident about her beliefs because she knows research supports it.

She said she is neither Republican nor Democrat, but an Independent.

The crowd erupted in an uproar as she talked about why she supports Trump. One member in the audience yelled, “Girl, shut up!” And her comments were met with boos. Many in the audience left abruptly.

Owens said Trump gets things done and he has been a fascinating president to black America. She said since Trump has been in office, welfare assistance has decreased slightly and black businesses have increased. She said the black community can do things without handouts.

 (Kourtnie Leary contributed to this report.)