Dillard movie theater available to reserve

NEW ORLEANS (Nov. 16, 2018) – Watching Netflix in your room can get uncomfortable if you are with a large group of friends, but Dillard has a movie theater that can fit 30-plus people, and all you have to do is put in a request to use it.

Megan Byas, the student engagement coordinator, said Dillard’s movie theater, on the third floor of the Student Union, is usually used by student clubs and the film program, but any student may reserve the space by emailing her.

Clubs like the Cali Club, Curvy Girlz and the Producers Club have all used the movie theater to host events this semester, she said. For example, Curvy Girlz, a new club, hosted “Netflix and Chill: Boo’d Up” for Halloween night as the Courtbouillon went to press. On Oct. 26, the film program screened “Dry,” in conjunction with a lecture the night before by Nollywood actress and filmmaker Stephanie Linus.

Ashley Berry, a sophomore mass communication major, described the theater as having comfortable seating and the typical big speakers and screen.

“I watched the movie ‘No Country for Old Men’ in the movie theater.. I actually feel like I’m in a movie theater without paying a big fee,” she said. “I didn’t know we could request the movie theater as students. I thought it was just used for clubs and teachers.”

The theater was installed as an add-on to Student Union construction five years ago.

(Daniesha Weathersby contributed to this report.)