18 Questions

Editor’s note:  The following questions were compiled by Jasmine Miller from offerings of various students recently. If you have a question, tweet it to @CourtbouillonDU.

  1. Why isn’t the Grab-n-Go station in the Student Union open on weekends?
  2. Is health insurance required to receive services at the nurse’s office?
  3. How often is the greenhouse on campus used?
  4. Why do you have to pay a $40 fee to replace your student ID?
  5. Are there clubs/organizations available for every major on campus?
  6. When will all the equipment in the gym be working properly?
  7. Why can’t you pick up packages at the campus post office before 1 p.m.?
  8. How many student jobs are available on campus?
  9. Why aren’t there more meal-plan options for students?
  10. Whom do you talk to if you want to start your own club?
  11. What are some other places on campus besides the library to study and do homework?
  12. Does the university provide a lot of community service opportunities?
  13. Why can't bookstore vouchers be used for other services on campus? 
  14. Why are there no toilet-seat protectors in the public bathrooms?
  15. How often are movies played in the student movie theater?
  16. Why is it difficult to keep past credits when you transfer to Dillard?
  17. How often is maintenance performed on campus?
  18. Why can't students add more to their Bleu Devil/DU Dollars?