Career center overlooked

NEW ORLEANS (September 26, 2019) – Dillard University has provided us with many student services at our disposal, and one of the most overlooked resources available is the Center for Career and Professional Development, in Suite 260 of the Student Union.

Most of us are familiar with the gym in the Student Union and Alexander Library, next to the chapel. We know about the student bookstore, the post office and The Grill on Kearny’s first floor. But if you’re interested in making the most of your career options, get to know the career center.

This center offers a number of services to assist students. It offers workshops on writing cover letters and resumes; personal and career assessments, like Myers-Briggs, that help you determine how your personality traits suit certain careers. It offers Handshake, software that offers job and internship opportunities featuring more than 400 companies and lets you ask for advice from students who got great jobs.

Film junior Janay Lee said it’s hard to find time to go all the way to the Student Union. But just recently, the center held a resume and interview practice session in the PSB atrium that was attended by some 120 students.

It is recommended that students visit the center at least once a year to seek out opportunities. Get to know Dr. Jonathan Wright, director, and Jordan Cockrell, assistant director.

Jasmine Miller
Mass Communication
San Francisco