DU student population at 1,226 this semester, down 6.4% from last fall

NEW ORLEANS (September 26, 2019) – Dillard University’s student population for fall 2019 is 1,226, down 6.4 percent from fall 2018 and 1.2 percent from spring 2019, according to preliminary student enrollment data provided by Jacques Detiege, director of assessment and analysis for the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.

The fall 2019 student population is down by 84 students from the 1,310 reported in fall 2018 and down by 15 students when compared with the spring 2019 census.

David Page, vice president for enrollment management, said it is normal for the spring semester of an academic year to be lower than that of the preceding fall semester because of normal attrition and completion of degrees by students by December.

As for the reduction from fall to fall, Page said “a few reasons” contributed to the decline, but “a reduction in aid during the last few months [of recruiting] impacted our ability to provide a competitive financial aid package to students/parents who were still in the pipeline and considering Dillard.”

Female students outnumber male students by 3-1, with 923 or 75.3 percent of students being female and 303 students, or 24.7 percent being male.

More than half of students (54.5 percent, or 667) are from Louisiana. The next-highest population comes from California, with 148 students, or 12.1 percent; followed by Texas at 126, or 10.3 percent. Illinois, Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee follow, represented by 45, 38, 32 and 30 students, respectively.

A full third of students, 34 percent, or 410, are freshman. The numbers decline as students progress, with 307 sophomores (25 percent); 262 juniors (22 percent); and 234 seniors (19 percent.

Biology has the most majors, at 180. The other majors in the top six are Criminal Justice, 120; Business Administration, 117; Public Health, 106; Nursing, 102; and Psychology, 99.