18 Questions

Editor's note: The following questions were compiled by Jasmine Miller from offerings of various students recently.

  1. Why do power outages happen so frequently on campus? 
  2. What provisions are made for students who can’t go home for winter break? 
  3. What is the graduation rate at Dillard? 
  4. Do most Dillard students graduate in four years? 
  5. Are students allowed to leave class after the first 10 minutes if the professor isn’t there?
  6. How does Dillard help students after graduation? 
  7. How are student policies enforced on campus? 
  8. Does the university have an efficient evacuation plan for students? 
  9. How does campus security ensure campus safety during a lockdown or power outage?
  10. Is it possible for Dillard to have additional transportation services? 
  11. Why is it so difficult to sell your textbooks back at the end of the semester?
  12. Why aren’t students allowed to bring food out of Kearny? 
  13. Where do students go, or is there a number to call, if they have problems logging into computers on campus?
  14. Is there anywhere on campus that accepts Apple Pay and other mobile payment options?
  15. What are the rules for student visitation? 
  16. Does someone have to approve student community service hours in order to meet the requirement?
  17. What is the process for requesting a room change? 
  18. Does the library provide any of the textbooks available in the bookstore?