18 Questions

Editor's note: The following questions were compiled by Kalaya Sibley from student entries. If you have a question, tweet it to @CourtbouillonDU.

  1. What happens after the 150th year?
  2. Do students really care about the campus environment?
  3. Why do students have to take Merit? 
  4. Why don’t students have better events on campus? 
  5. Is it true if students walk in the Oaks they will not graduate? 
  6. Why is the culture of our campus so odd? 
  7. Will Chick-Fil-A be a permanent thing? 
  8. Is Williams ever going to be updated? 
  9. Is there a ghost in Stern Hall?
  10. Who maintains the Dillard pond?
  11. Will seniors have to wear robes with “150” even though it is 151?
  12. Who do students go to get department equipment upgrades?
  13. Why do DU Dollars take so long to receive?
  14. Should students follow their teachers on social media?
  15. Do the Gardens apartments have backup generators?
  16. Why do we no longer have Brain Food? 
  17. Why do students have to pay to park? 
  18. What does Facilities do to get rid of mold before painting?