18 Questions

Editor’s note: The following questions were compiled by Andrew Logan from offerings of various students recently.

  1. When will the refund checks come out?
  2. How can we increase the male student population?
  3. When will the gym be open?
  4. Why don’t we have weights in the gym?
  5. When will the bowling alley and movie theater open for students to rent?
  6. Will more movie screenings be scheduled this semester?
  7. What is the issue with wi-fi in residential halls?
  8. Why is there mold in some rooms?
  9. Why does the administration over-manage students?
  10. Why is physical education a requirement?
  11. How did Dillard’s partnership with Oschner and Xavier come about?
  12. Why should young people participate in vaccine trials rather than people who are at higher risk or have been affected by COVID-19?
  13. Have any other schools been offered the partnership with Oschner?
  14. How can we can get more funding for underfunded programs?
  15. Will the university continue to update the student body on COVID-19 cases on campus?
  16. Will students be able to attend any sports events this semester?
  17. Why can’t pre-med students go straight to medical school from Dillard?
  18. Why are some buildings so cold?