18 Questions

Editor’s noteThe following questions were compiled by Andrew Logan from offerings of various students recently.

  1. What happened to the waffle maker in Kearny?
  2. When will the ice cream machine be fully functional again?
  3. Can Dillard provide more parking?
  4. Why do you have to park face-forward on campus?
  5. Why am I teaching myself this semester?
  6. What are the next steps after the “DU Demands” protest?
  7. Why isn’t the library open on Saturday and Sunday?
  8. When will the university send another update on COVID?
  9. Will we have online classes next semester?
  10. How will the pandemic affect Spring Fest?
  11. When will campus wi-fi improve?
  12. When will students be allowed to attend games?
  13. What is the alternative while we’re not able to attend games?
  14. Is there a volleyball net on campus?
  15. Will the university install more bike racks?
  16. What happened to the blue-bike program at the university?
  17. Why does the DU website have glitches?
  18. Will the pass-fail option be offered again?