DU has had 11 COVID-19 cases since Aug. 1

NEW ORLEANS (November 6, 2020) – Dillard University students are adjusting to COVID-19 policies as the semester continues with minimal cases, according to Dr. Roland Bullard, vice president and interim dean of Student Success.

Bullard called student response to changes in a recent survey “positive,” adding, “There’s always more we can do.”

The most recent policy addition was periodic, systematic random testing for students, faculty and staff. Results are provided within 15 minutes. All were required to start the semester with testing documentation.

Dillard has had 11 cases documented since the first phase of the re-opening plan starting Aug. 1.

Planning for students’ return to campus began in March and is ever-evolving, Bullard said. Policies and procedures concerning COVID-19 are addressed in the “return to campus” guide and added to the student handbook.

Changes to the student handbook affected mostly residential-life policies. For example, students no longer are allowed to have off-campus guests. Only students living within each hall are allowed to visit each other. And each resident is allowed one visitor and is required to wear a mask at all times.

Bullard said it’s important for students to be aware and adhere to the new policies because Dillard has limited capacity to accommodate an influx of cases.

“We use our dashboard to monitor cases and determine our capacity,” said Bullard.

If you are feeling ill, please contact studenthealth@dillard.edu to receive further guidance. For precautionary purposes, quarantine for 14 days or until COVID-19 test results return negative.